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Welcome to the world of EthScape, play with 17 other players.

About us

Experience the best of both worlds with EthScape, a RuneScape Private Server that combines nostalgia with cutting-edge crypto technology. Join our public alpha and immerse yourself in a world filled with custom quests, unique classes, skill factions, talent points, Web3 elements, and full Runelite integration. EthScape is more than just another server, it offers a truly unique and unparalleled gaming experience. Become a legend in the Web3 world of EthScape today.

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EthScape 2 Website launch

January 24, 2023

Our new website design is fully finished. We are preparing everything for the launch of our new contract.

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Token Economics

January 23, 2023

Today we proudly announce our official buy/sell taxes. View them in our Tokenomics.

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Relaunch announcement

September 1st, 2022

Due to restructing our team, we have decided to relaunch. We thank everyone for sticking with us and we'll been soon introducing you to EthScape 2!

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Buy: 5% (2% development, 2% marketing, 1% liquidity pool)

Sell: 7% (2% marketing, 2% development, 2% rewards pool, 1% liquidity pool)

Contract: 0xd9b2f4ea4A44b8543edd4898247E374D2642726A